Alan Marsh has been a volunteer at Picabeen for 10 years.

So why does Alan volunteer?

Originally I decided to do some volunteering after I retired from work.  It was because I believed I needed an interest and it provided a need for social connection.  When I commenced at Picabeen I said I was happy to work on the front counter and I started to see what a wonderful organization Picabeen was.  I was asked to join the Management Committee which I did in 2007and I discovered there were even more ways I could contribute to the Community. I found over time that I was getting a real buzz with seeing members of the community being helped, and being provided with opportunities to participate in our activities. I was also inspired by the wonderful contribution of our volunteers, staff and students.  All these people were all working for the same outcomes.  The principle of inclusiveness for all and enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives gave me great satisfaction that I was contributing to Community.

And Alan’s most memorable moment?

There are quite a few memorable moments but I believe that the most memorable moment for me was in June 2012 when I (as the then President), addressed the Community in Picabeen Park as part of Picabeen Community Association’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the people who attended enjoyed themselves looking at all the various stalls, the animal farm, jumping castle, the craft and art class exhibition and the music.  The then Premier of Queensland and Member for Ashgrove also addressed the attendees.  It was a very successful day and displayed to the people what Picabeen was all about.  We also had the support of business groups such as the Blackwood Street Chamber of Commerce; Denovan’s Real Estate supplied the Anniversary Cake, and other community organisations such as Enoggera Historical Society, Lions, ToughLove and the Grovely Scouts all set up stalls.