Denis says:

I’ve been attending Bill’s Computer Class at Picabeen for over two years and have found it very valuable. I have the problem of a bad memory and periodic chronic fatigue.  The computer class has been great for keeping my grey matter active.

I have learnt a lot about Microsoft Excel where Bill has gone through many applications. It’s amazing how much you can do.  He is very good the way he goes over things so that they sink in. (Repetition is the basis of all learning).  Also, Bill has a teaching approach that makes learning fun.

We have also spent time learning how to make good use of Microsoft Publisher and other programs. One thing I have learnt about Excel is that understanding it can lead to great time savings and greater accuracy.

I’m delighted to have discovered Picabeen, Bill’s computer classes and the opportunities it has provided to old blokes like me to keep our grey matter active.

Bill G. says

I heard about Picabeen through a friend.  She told me they ran computer classes there.  Before I retired, I was able to get away with not using computers very much.  However, I now realise I’ve been missing out on a lot.  Beside, I needed to get myself out of the house and prove that the old mind could still be put to good use.

I like learning the different Applications in Microsoft Office – really good from a practical standpoint.  Humour in lectures helps in the learning and retention of information.  Written instructions with pictures demonstrating processes are very helpful.

Email programs, information retrieval and internet navigation are fun and interesting.  The topics are really interesting and well-taught.  I wouldn’t change anything about the lectures at all.  They’re not lectures, really.  They are full on participation.  Small class sizes make it easy for the Instructor to give individual attention.  The classes are well prepared and informative.

The instructor has the ability to explain concepts and complex ideas in a manner that is easy to understand.  Also classes were always fun and interesting because the instructor uses practical projects for everyday use.

So I thoroughly recommend Picabeen for its computer classes.  And they are not expensive either.  They also run Scrabble groups so I reckon I might give that a go next year.