Picabeen has a long history of providing support to young people at risk of disengaging from school,  and family, community and/or work and has been able to offer flexibility in service provision with its skilled professional youth workers. The current funding model gives our youth workers the scope to address local need of vulnerable young people aged 12-18 years who are at risk of being socially isolated and disengaged and who present with a broad spectrum of issues and with a range of circumstances.  The youth worker role is diverse and utilises best practice models in the delivery of services that focus on the individual needs of young people including:

  • Case management incorporating intensive individual support and advocacy
  • Outreach models of service in the you person’s home, school and community
  • Prevention and early intervention strategies to strengthen connection with local community
  • Information and referral to appropriate services for vulnerable your people
  • Programs aimed at increasing opportunities for young people to participate in positive and individualised local activities
  • Programs and activities aimed at supporting young people to prevent and address social isolation
  • Collaborative programs that have been developed with other relevant agencies and are aimed at the pooling of resources, knowledge bases and expertise to create best possible outcomes for clients

Other programs delivered through private youth funding include:

  • School holiday programs used as a tool of engagement for students attending schools in local area.  Activities offered are diverse to appeal to targeted age groups including rock climbing, cooking skills and water-based activities
  • Coordination of local youth and community events

Picabeen’s staff are trained as facilitators in a number of specialised programs and have delivered a range of group work programs to young people in local schools. These programs have included:

  • the Future Families Program with Save the Children (aimed at 12-15yr olds as an early intervention program working towards preventing child abuse)
  • Rage – anger management for young people
  • Peer Skills (Uniting Care Qld program aimed at skilling up young people in coping and supporting skills)
  • Young Women’s Groups (developed to address topics such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, healthy living etc)
  • Sensibility (a Beyond Blue program addressing anxiety and depression)

Picabeen’s strength is its flexibility of service and through this is able to respond to the local need in a significant way.