We are:
A community and neighbourhood centre delivering quality support services, activities and opportunities with respect for the diversity of residents in our local areas.

We aim to be:
a professional centre of excellence in community support which helps people enhance their quality of life through a range of services and activities.

We deliver:
activities and services based upon PICABEEN values, which are:


PARTICIPATIVE: our strength lies in our staff, volunteers and clients who are active participants in creating and maintaining the warmth for which Picabeen is well known


INCLUSIVE: our services and activities are open to the diversity of people who make up our wider community


CARING: we cultivate a warm nurturing atmosphere for clients, volunteers and staff


ACCESSIBLE: age, financial situation, educational level, language and disability are no barriers to those wishing to engage with us


BENEVOLENT: our joy is to give, and we are enriched by the giving


EQUITABLE: within the bounds of mutual respect, we treat everyone equally


EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE: we pride ourselves on our professionalism which underpins our approachability


NETWORKED: we enjoy partnerships with government agencies, tertiary institutions, local community organisations and citizens, without whom we could not function.